Raising Geese - What You Need to Know Before Starting to Raise Geese

Published: 20th February 2012
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First, why are you rearing geese? Are you raising a gaggle of geese for goose eggs? Or are you interested in goose meat? Or perhaps you're just doing it for the fun of it? Geese are more vulnerable because they spend more time on land, but are also generally good parents and able to rear their offspring if given sufficient space and seclusion.According to the University of Minnesota's Extension Service, geese are raising in "practically all parts of the United States."

Geese are terrific types of birds that are beautiful and can be very appealing to watch. It will be valuable to get these geese to be raised appropriately. There are some beneficial tips that can be used for raising geese that can be completed to make these geese better. These include watching for how the geese act, managing geese during their initial days closely and watching the weight levels of these geese. Raising geese is a comparatively small part of the poultry world; the University of Minnesota says that geese make up less than one percent of the poultry hobby when you count chickens, ducks, etc. The right goose breed for you depends on your level of experience with raising poultry, as well as why you're raising this type of poultry.

While some people may be intimidated to the size of geese, anyone can raise them as long as they know the basics of goose care! It will help to first look into the behaviors that the geese are exhibiting. It will be valuable to keep from trying to get the geese to mate with multiple partners. This is for the reason that when single male begins to mate with a female that male will not move towards some other geese outside of that specific female. As a consequence when working on getting geese to be breed appropriately it will be crucial to keep from setting up a male with a female and to let this occur effortlessly.

Using the appropriate foods is valuable for keeping geese. Although grass, wheat and feed pellets can be advantageous it is important to have bounty of grit on hand. Grit is used to help with getting the gizzard of a bird to mill down food so that the bird will be able to receive the nutrients that come with food. This is very important since a goose is not competent of managing food like a human being can because of a lack of teeth.

Furthermore, it helps to watch in favor of how younger geese are handled. A tip for raising geese to use is to watch for how younger geese act because these geese are not going to be able to behave and think for themselves appropriately so it will be important to watch for how these younger geese behave. Keeping them from the edges of fences is very important. Feeding them properly is also essential because younger geese are not capable of living on grass alone. With the popularity of raising geese soaring, it's time you dabbled in this fun poultry hobby.

The last tip to use whilst taking care of geese is to watch for the mass of the geese. Although a conventional goose that is raised internally can live for twenty years on norm a goose that is obese will not be able to live for this long. As a conclusion it will be essential to watch for how the weight levels are amongst the geese for their physical condition.

These tips should be used for taking care of geese. When raising geese it will be important to watch for how the geese mate and to use the appropriate types of foods for raising them. It will be essential to take care of the younger geese carefully as well. The mass levels ought to be monitored too.


By using these tips for taking care of geese it will be easier to raise geese that are healthy and charismatic. Let us share with you the wonderful world of geese from feeding geese to brooding geese and see for yourself how fun raising geese can be! Learn more of raising geese at: www.howtoraisegeese.com

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